Although workouts are not being posted on this blog and it is not being kept current, CrossFit Quantico is still conducting regularly scheduled classes at 0700 and 1130.

As always, your punctuality and dedication are appreciated. CFQ requires consistency and a willingness to work hard.

July 30

We have not maintained this blog for quite some time now, however we still have a group of dedicated athletes in search of elite fitness. If you are interested in changing your routine and challenging yourself both physically and mentally amongst a tight knit community, come out for a wod on Hospital Point.

CFQ 1-29-2010


Back Squat


Post weight to comments.

CFQ 1-28-2010


Alternating Tabata

Push up/Squat

Post lowest number completed to comments

CFQ 1-27-2010

Warm up:

Smokestack run
2 rds of 15 squats/10 sec handstand hold

Clean/OHS work with PVC


AMRAP in 10 Min of
7 cleans
200m Run

Scaling options were 95#, 65#, 45#, or Med ball and PVC.

CFQ 1-26-2010

Warm up:

Smokestack Run
3 rds of 10 Pass throughs, 10 OHS

Front Squat/Thruster work w/PVC

5 rounds for time of
Row 500m
135# thruster 7 reps

CFQ 1-25-2010

Warm up:

Dynamic Stretching
Deadlift work with PVC


15 DL 225#
50 pull ups
12 DL
40 Pull ups
9 DL
30 PU
6 DL
20 PU
3 DL
10 PU

Rough on the hands to say the least!

CFQ 1-21-2010

Warm up:
Smokestack Run
3 rds of Cindy


100 Burpees Pull ups

Scaling options were reduce reps or do 10 rds of 10 burpees/5 pull up progressions.